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CFM56-3B2 SV Cond. Engine Available For Sale – Immediate Delivery

CFM56-3 Engine

CFM56-3B2 Available Engine – Immediate Delivery

CFM56-3B2- ESN 722324
• Just Repaired at an MRO
• Cycles Remaining of CAT A – 3,909 and CAT B – 3,575
• Outgoing test performed in a test cell
• EGT Margin of 24 degrees C at take-off with Timer activated
• Warranty: 3000 hrs / 18 Months
• Engine Repair Facility: JAT Tehnika
• Delivery location: Belgrade, Serbia
• Date: Available Immediately

Icarus International Group LLC is a world leader in the CFM56-3C1 and -3B1 engines.